Inheriting God’s Grace, Spreading for a Century

(The video is narrated in Chinese. Below is the English translation of the full transcript.)

A century is an important historical milestone. The 100th anniversary of Taosheng Publishing House represents an important imprint of God’s grace.


In the century-long journey, Taosheng has served under the name of Lutheran Board of Publication, Lutheran Literature Society, and Taosheng Publishing House. Taosheng spread God’s truth through publishing services, distribution services, retail services, seminars, events, etc., witnessing God’s rich blessings and grace.

In 1913, Lutheran Board of Publication, which was formed by various missions of Chinese Lutheran Church, started its publishing and distribution services and opened Lutheran Bookstore in Hankou, China.

The literature missionary of Chinese Lutheran Churches experienced its start-up period from 1913 to 1920. It was also the infancy period for Taosheng Publishing House. This period is very important in Taosheng’s history because Chinese Lutheran Churches and Missions began to appreciate the importance of literature mission and commenced cooperation in this area.

From 1920 to 1950, Lutheran Board of Publication redacted, translated, published and distributed Chinese publication of Chinese Lutheran Churches, and published periodicals like “Lutheran Newsletter”. In the 30-year history of Lutheran Board of Publication, it also published some important theology journals and became a major supplier of Chinese theology publications and a major Christian publisher in China.

In 1951, nine Lutheran Missions in Hong Kong agreed to establish Lutheran Publication Department and opened bookstore in Tsim Sha Tsui of Hong Kong in March 1952. In 1953, the first “Christian Watch Word” was published. Another major publication of Lutheran Publication Department is “Hymns of Praise”, which became the most popular hymn collection among Chinese Lutheran Churches.

In May 1959, Hong Kong Lutheran Church and Taiwan Lutheran Church were established. The two Lutheran Churches reorganise Lutheran Publication Department into Lutheran Literature Society, Taosheng was then formally established. The name of “Taosheng” was selected by Dr Andrew Hsiao and a few colleagues from many available options because it illustrated an important mission of Christian Literature – speak up for God’s truth.

In 1963, Taosheng Bookstore was opened. In 1967, Taosheng Publishing House began to operate in Lutheran Building. The first major publication project of Taosheng Publishing House is “Good Tidings Vacation Bible School Materials”. It is the first localised teaching material of Chinese churches and its design, editing, illustration, publishing are all handled by Chinese Christians. Taosheng also published several book series which became very popular, including “Compend of Luther’s Theology”, “Taosheng Everyman Reader Series”, “Taosheng Lily Series” and “Taosheng Treasure of Children Stories”.

Starting from 1982, Taosheng was reorganised into Hong Kong Taosheng Publishing House. The major change in terms of publishing strategy is to accord top priority to the needs of churches. Taosheng had published many important theology publications, including “Introduction to Christian Religious Education”, “A Study of Hong Kong Christian Churches”, “The First Hundred Years of Christianity in China” and “Here I Stand – Martin Luther”.


Speaking for a century, Taosheng has experienced and witnessed change of times. The daily life of Christian also became more diversified in terms of the habit, format and content of reading.

The way how Christians listen to God’s voice has expanded from books and publications to electronic platform and new media. Taosheng keeps its pace with the times and developed new way of serving to continue speaking for God’s truth.


Facing the new challenges and opportunities, how should Taosheng keep speaking for God’s truth? How could Taosheng keep spreading God’s truth by meeting the needs of current generation?

Taosheng keeps thinking about how it could suit the needs of readers better. Hence, Taosheng serves with diversified product lines, including theology series, spiritual life series, inspiration series, encouragement series, e-book and electronic products etc.
The 100th anniversary of Taosheng is an important occasion. It represented a mark of God’s glory. Bless Taosheng to continue spreading God’s truth and serving as a testimony for God.

Inheriting God’s Grace, Spreading for a Century

“Inheriting God’s Grace, Spreading for a Century” is the slogan for the 100th anniversary of Taosheng, illustrating that Taosheng inherits the rich blessings and grace from God and witnesses generations and generations of Chinese Christian in serving God with literature mission for 100 years. Today, we continue to strive for serving God’s truth through literature mission.


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